Which graphics tablet is best for designers.

Are you looking forward to avoid your mouse and fill that gap with a graphics tablet? Are you confused that which tablet you have to choose? Not sure about the brand and size? Then read on the article and find more.

A graphical tablet is an input hardware that usually used by artists (non artists do use it). It comes with a large area with touch sensitive surface, where you can draw and transfer then to your monitor. It’s just as using your pen and paper.

Wacom Graphical tablets

This is the most know manufactures of graphics tablets. This tablet comes with a lot of features. There are mainly four sizes of them, Intuos Small, Medium, large and extra large. The 2048 level pressure sensitive pen tip is very accurate and easy to use. These tablets also support multi touch so you can use gestures on them


They come to the tablet business from the year 2007. Their PenPad is the most affordable tablet so far. The surface of this tablet is flexible which make it unique in its category. VisTablet offers other 4 models also and all are reasonably priced.


Looking for a wireless graphics tablet, the CyberTablet W10 by Addesso is the answer for you. Adesso have other three non-wireless models which differ in size, price, etc….


They got tablets for everyone with their eleven models. Their Pensketch series is the best option for designers and CA users. They also provide hot keys with their tablets which can be programmed for different functions.

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